Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Really Good Day...

Dear Mr. Baby,

I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot by saying this right now since the day is not yet over, but today has been a really good day.

You seemed ready to get up for the day 45 minutes to an hour earlier than usual, and while a little more snoozing would have been nice, you were in such an agreeable mood that I didn't mind. Sure, you somehow managed to soak the back of your PJs while I was changing you, but these things happen. And since your daddy hadn't left for work yet, he got to see how pleasant you can be early in the day.

We did things a little out of order, but it worked out so well that we may just try it again tomorrow to see if lightening strikes twice. You watched "Good Morning America" while I got myself put together for the day. Just before I was done in the bathroom, you were starting to get a little restless, so into the bathroom in the bouncer you came, where you talked to your "friends" hanging off the toy bar while I finished.

Since we were up and moving earlier than usual, I opted to eat breakfast while I nursed you before we took Lucky for his walk rather than after. Hoping that the walk might make you drowsy - and because it was kind of chilly - I swaddled you before putting you in the stroller and tucking your fleece blanket in around you. Early on in the walk, you got a little fussy, so I put the iTouch in the stroller with you, and with your beloved Johnny Cash playing, you soon calmed down and drowsed on and off. Since you were so content, we walked for an hour, which made Mr. Dog very happy indeed.

I hoped that you might stay asleep once we got home for a morning nap, but you woke up as we were coming up the front walk. After a little nosh, though, you did drop off to sleep and I managed to transfer you to your crib without you waking up - success! You napped for about an hour or so, and I was able to make some cookie dough while you were sleeping.

Once you woke up, got changed and ate a little more, you were in a good mood. You played some with your floor gym while I sat next to you eating a sandwich.

We talked and practiced making monkey faces and noises. We sang songs. You and Lucky had some snuggle time.

I spied a few yawns, so I got you into a fresh diaper, swaddled you, and let you nurse some more. It didn't take long at all until you had drifted off to sleep, rousing to nurse lazily every now and then. Once you were solidly asleep, I got you transferred to your crib successfully once again, and there you have been for almost two and a half hours now.

While you've been sleeping I've baked some of the cookie dough, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, started a load of laundry, and had the chance to engage in a nice round of "throw the hedgehog and run around" with Lucky, which he enjoyed thoroughly. And then it occurred to me how nice today has been.

Has there been anything earth-shatteringly exciting about it? Probably not - it's just been a nice, pleasant day. You've been a happy boy. You've napped well. I've been able to play with you and get a few things done. Mr. Dog hasn't felt neglected.

When you're done napping, you'll undoubtedly want to eat again, and then we'll take Lucky for his afternoon walk. Hopefully after that you'll cooperate so I can work on cooking dinner, then your daddy will come home. I hope you'll still be in a good mood then so he can enjoy you and we can all have a nice evening together. I certainly wouldn't turn down more days like this.

Thank you for such a good day, Cameron!


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